WE ARE WHAT WE EAT: Food is life. It nourishes and sustains us. It can prevent us from developing diseases and chronic conditions, and it can heal us from them as well. Being conscious about what we put into our bodies is vital to our well-being.

FOOD SHOULD BE ENJOYED: Eating well doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming, or expensive. And eating ‘healthy’ doesn’t have to taste bad, or make you feel like you’re deprived. Food is a celebration, whether we are enjoying a nice, slow meal with others, or fueling our bodies for the day.

IT’S MORE THAN WHAT WE EAT: There are other things in life that can ‘feed’ us much more than the most nutritious, anti-oxidant rich foods. Our relationships, careers, exercise routines, and stress-coping skills aren’t found in any supermarket or health food restaurant. It’s these other spiritual, emotional and physical components of health that need to be addressed as much as what we eat off our plates.

WE ARE UNIQUE: What works for you, may not work for me, and vice versa. Our individual bio-chemistries, genetics, cultural backgrounds and habits make us special. They also dictate how we incorporate and react to foods and dietary approaches. Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all solution to everyone, the better approach is tailoring a plan to each of us, so that we realize our health potential without having to fit into any mold.

WE ALL DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY, AND TO HAVE ACCESS TO HEALTHY FOODS: Our nation’s problems with obesity, diabetes, allergies and other chronic conditions can be mediated by solving our food problem. With so much fake and processed food conveniently available, it’s no wonder so much of our population eats this way. Through education, empowerment, and collaboration, our community at large can learn the value and reap the benefits of real, wholesome, healthy, foods.

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